SISIS Autoslit victorious at Victoria Park

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A SISIS Autoslit is currently playing its part in helping to prepare 'world class' greens at Victoria Park.

SISIS Autoslit victorious at Victoria Park

Victoria Park is the home of English Bowls and hosts the annual Bowls England National Championships held in August. The five greens at Victoria Park are also used for County competitions, National events and for International matches and competitions.

The widely respected greens are thanks to an expert greenkeeping regime led by head greenkeeper Mike Finch of idverde - one of the UK & Europe's leading provider of grounds maintenance.

"The greens at Victoria Park have always been of a very high standard, but we are now working towards making them world-class," said Mike. "With this in mind, I was asked what new equipment I needed which could help me make them world-class. The first thing I said was that I needed a pedestrian slitter.

"I chose the SISIS Autoslit purely through the research I have been doing on different golf courses and other fine turf surfaces - I felt that it would be the best product for this particular site."

The SISIS Autoslit is a purpose-built pedestrian deep slitter which is suitable for use on fine or outfield turf helping to reduce compaction and assist the percolation of surface water. The deep clean slitting action cuts through the turf and the root zone leaving a thin slit on the surface and minimal surface disturbance.

These slits encourage strong, healthy root growth of the grass plants, improving tolerance to drought conditions and promoting more rapid recovery after damage in play. Easy to use, the SISIS Autoslit incorporates a rear smoothing roller and uses a cantilever system to lift the machine out of operation.

"It is very easy to use and I'm very impressed with what it can do," said Mike. "We'll use it monthly from December through to the end of March before the surface starts to dry again.

"It is like a knife with a serrated edge, and it basically slices into the turf, but it doesn't do any damage because there is a rear roller on it as well. You get a nice linear, aeration cut through your greens.

"Not only does it help to keep the surface going, allowing the moisture to drain, but it is also good for root extension," he continued. "In the colder months when the roots aren't active, the SISIS Autoslit allows oxygen to reach those roots, and all the time you are doing this it will benefit the green when it comes to spring. What you find is that when the weather starts to warm, the roots will start pushing down into all the nice linear folds you have been creating with the Autoslit.

"Ultimately, it helps you to keep the surface firm and dry but slightly moist lower down where the moisture is needed. It is a great piece of equipment."

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