SISIS launch new AER-AID System at Reaseheath Show

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SISIS launch new AER-AID System at Reaseheath Show

By Laurence Gale MSc


There was plenty of interest around the SISIS stand at the Reaseheath Show, where SISIS officially launched their new fast air injection AER-AID system. The system attaches to the SISIS Javelin vertical action aerator. Demonstrations were carried out on one of the golf greens, where many industry professionals were keen to see the AER-AID in action.


There was no evidence of any surface disturbance on the trials seen. Machines that can effectively reduce compaction without creating surface disturbance will certainly be a hit with fine turf managers.

SISIS have been developAer-aid-demoo2.jpg


In one test, infiltration rates on untreated ground were 24mm/hr; after conventional spiking 160mm/hr; and after using the AER-AID SYSTEM 228mm/hr - an improvement of 850% compared to untreated ground and a 42.5% improvement on conventional spiking.

The machine is currently available at a cost of £14000 with the marketing focussed on all natural turf facilities. SISIS see this machine as a major player in combating the problems of compaction on sports turf facilities.

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