Sisis Rosca keeps state of the art synthetic pitch playing perfectly

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Rosca 1A new 3G sports surface has given a tremendous boost to students at Brookfield Community College near Chesterfield, Derbyshire and to the community as a whole. The FIFA one star Domo Sports Grass surface was part-funded by the Football Foundation and completed last summer. It's mainly dedicated to football, but is also used for fielding and batting practice along with other sports when bad weather makes the natural turf sports fields unsuitable.

"As part of the installation process a maintenance regime and appropriate machinery was prescribed." explained Site Manager Shaun Knight. "A dedicated machine would be needed for the synthetic surface to fulfil our FIFA accreditation, avoiding cross contamination which could occur if we used our existing ride-on to tow a brush.

We also realised that to get the best out of the surface, and to prolong its life, we needed a routine maintenance regime which could be performed by our on-site team," continued Shaun. With such demanding use, a sisis Rosca ride-on brush system was selected and is deployed at least twice a week.

This self propelled unit, with an 11.5hp engine, drives a pair of mid mounted oscillating brush units and three rear mounted brushes to stand the carpet fibres up and redistribute infill, minimising compaction in the surface and improving its performance. It is also used regularly with a sisis SSS1000 towed rotary brush, complete with hopper, to remove debris from the surface and sift out the clean infill via its stainless steel mesh bottom, returning it to the carpet. The height of the brush can be adjusted hydraulically depending on the intensity required and to accommodate brush wear.

Rosca 2"The Rosca is a nice, effective, simple machine that I would recommend to anyone looking after a synthetic surface - and a very straightforward one to use - after just 20 minutes training by sisis; all three of our maintenance team were able to operate it. It takes just seconds to fit or remove the SSS1000 brush, and the towbar can also be used to pull a dragmat, making routine maintenance quick and simple."

The surface uses a Domo Slide D560M carpet with a DM35 kiln dried sand base and a rubber crumb infill. More specialist works is carried out intermittently by Nottinghamshire contractor, Replay, by bringing in specialist equipment six times a year.

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