SISIS special offer on tungsten tipped blades for Vemo

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SISIS is pleased to announce that, following the success of tungsten tipped blades on the SISIS ROTORAKE 600, this technology has now been incorporated into a specially designed blade for the SISIS Hydraulic Veemo, model VMO/3H.

These tungsten tipped blades are very durable and last longer than the standard Veemo blade, therefore reducing down-time. The new blades will remove more thatch and can lead to even better results from your SISIS VEEMO.

SISIS is offering you the opportunity to purchase a complete kit comprising a set of 54 tungsten tipped blades, the extra fittings required and the unique SISIS Tine Compression Tool which makes fitting blades quick and easy - all for a special price of £650 + VAT.

This offer is available until 31st December 2003 only; the full price of £725 + VAT will apply with effect from 1st January 2004.

If you wish to take advantage of this special offer please call SISIS Sales Department on 01625 503030, Fax: 427426, E-mail:

And more good news - tungsten tipped blades will soon be available for other SISIS scarifiers.

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