SISIS supply 20 complete maintenance systems to Malaysia

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SISIS supply 20 complete maintenance systems to Malaysia
SISIS has been celebrating the largest single order in its 75 year history!

Through SISIS Distributor The RS Group, the Malaysian Government has purchased 20 SISIS 32-1D sportsground tractors, complete with Quadraplay grooming systems, Litamina sweepers, Powaspred top-dressers, Ecospray 3-unit sprayers, TV36 scarifiers, and Multislit deep slitters. The RS Group provided trailers, fertiliser spreaders and single unit mowers to complement the system.SISIS-MALAYSIA-2.jpg

This machinery will be used to maintain community sports fields in various parts of Malaysia, with the aim of raising the standard of regional sports provision to match that of the large national stadia, located mostly in Kuala Lumpur. Many of the stadia, municipal golf courses and universities have used SISIS equipment for more than 20 years, going back to the days of the first Hydromain tractors. The durability and versatility of this SISIS machinery was a major factor in choosing SISIS as the basis of their maintenance programme.

Around 80 government officials, operators and administrators from 20 regional departments attended a series of installation and training sessions carried out by SISIS Export Manager David Harrison supported by Andrew Walker.

Before leaving Malaysia, David Harrison was pleased to present R. Subramaniam of The RS Group with the award for SISIS Export Distributor of the Year 2005.

Photo (Top):
Training session at Majlis Perbandaran Batu Pahat
Photo (Bottom): David Harrison presents the SISIS Export Distributor of the Year Award to R.Subramaniam

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