SISIS TM1000 – the perfect all-rounder

Lucy Nichollsin Machinery & Mechanics

The SISIS Rotorake TM1000 tractor mounted scarifier is the perfect 'all-rounder' according to Christian Brain, Grounds Manager at Cheltenham College.

"In a school environment, I need to buy equipment that is versatile and can do different jobs on multiple surfaces," said Christian. "The SISIS TM1000 ticks all the boxes."

If anyone knows the secrets behind maintaining grounds and sports pitches in schools, it is Christian - he has been at Cheltenham College for just over eight years which followed positions at Cokethorpe School and Radley College.

It was during his previous positions that he first became acquainted with the SISIS Rotorake TM1000.

"The TM1000 is a machine I have used a lot in my previous roles, and I am delighted that Cheltenham College now has one," he said.

"The purchase of the TM1000 by the school has been justifiable because it is incredibly versatile and able to undertake both scarification, aeration and grass collection in a variety of situations," Christian added.

The SISIS Rotorake TM1000 is a tractor-mounted heavy-duty scarifier and linear aerator and is unrivalled when it comes to removing and controlling thatch. It includes a collector box and floating unit to follow ground contours and its contra-rotating reel throws debris forward ensuring a clean, consistent groove resulting in an excellent finish. The TM1000 also features interchangeable blades and a quick, simple depth setting without tools.

Christian currently relies on the 2mm scarifying removal reel and revealed just how much the Rotorake TM1000 will be used at the college.

"I have already scarified the front lawns of the school with it, which helped to clear out a lot of rubbish before seeding.

"Over half term I have scheduled in a light scarification with it on all of the rugby pitches. We will then see what kind of spring or winter we have, and whether we do a bit more in-depth scarification on some of the areas in preparation for the summer term. It will also be used on the football pitches and cricket outfields too.

"It is great to have it here now," continued Christian. "I no longer have to worry about hiring or borrowing kit like I previously did. We can use it whenever we like and the whole team can operate it because it's very simple to use.

"The TM1000 is the perfect all-rounder, and it does exactly what we need it to do. It was the best one on the market for me."

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