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Trimax Snake
Key features > Quiet operation - 'Kerb jump' feature - Sealed spindles and PTO - 3 year warranty.

Trimax Mowing Systems is proud to announce the world release of its new golf and turf mower - Snake.

Snake has been meticulously designed from the ground up, drawing on 30 years of innovation, refined engineering practice and customer insight.

The 3.2m wide trailed rotary mower has been specifically designed for sports turf applications where a high standard of presentation, safety, durability and low downtime are essential.

Like its namesake, when it's on the move, it is surprisingly quiet, allowing mowing to take place around sensitive areas without causing disturbance.

Snake looks like a smaller version of the popular Pegasus mower, and has several innovative features integrated into its design. The clever 'kerb jump' feature allows the decks to be lifted with the blades still engaged to go over kerbs, paths and other obstacles without stopping the PTO.

This prevents wear on tractors and gearboxes and ensures smoother operation whilst mowing. It is also useful for turning at the end of a mowing run.

Snake has been designed to require little maintenance. Sealed spindles mean there are fewer points to grease. All grease points are easily accessible to ensure any maintenance time is kept to a minimum.

It is equipped with a new sealed PTO system which seals the moving parts from dust and other debris. This allows for up to 50 hour greasing intervals, dependent on the environment it operates in.

To complete the package, Snake comes with a market-leading 3 year warranty. This true and trusted warranty, which is also offered on many other Trimax models, demonstrates the company's total confidence in its build quality and engineering.

Trimax Customer Relationship Manager Michael Quinn said: "The Trimax team continues to prioritise the customer. Because our mowers contribute to their livelihoods, we understand that when a mower is not in operation, our first priority to get them running again. Trimax operators are part of the family and with family, you support each other."

To see Snake in action, request a demonstration by calling 01933 652235 or view the video at

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