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SuperMaxxIt may seem to be an odd time to be talking about snow and ice control. Surely we're months away from thinking about preparing for the vagaries of the British winter? But every year it's the same, when the snow comes how prepared are you?

SnowEx snow and ice control products have an enviable reputation for reliability and the latest in the range are the SuperMaxx spreaders. Featuring a patented wet/dry mixing chamber, the SuperMaxx system leads with the most precise spreading of any ice-melting material on the market.

The truck-mounted spreaders also come with an innovative hand-held digital pendant style controller for making easy adjustments to spreading width and application rates. The unique 'cab forward' design allows the whole machine to be situated well forward on the bed of the vehicle to give improved weight distribution.

Capacities range from 3.2 and 4.2 to 6.0 cubic yards so there is plenty of scope for all applications. There is a heavy-duty auger transmission, for accurate feeding of material to the12-inch adjustable stainless steel spinner. The spinner assembly hinges up when not in use to protect the discs and to allow the vehicle to tow a trailer.

The high density polyethylene hoppers are less weight on the vehicle and corrosion free and the SuperMaxx also features a unique corrosion-resistant frame coating. SnowEx spreaders are the professional choice across the UK and Europe for efficient snow and ice control. Whilst Heath and Safety legislation makes increasing demands on facilities management, SnowEx can provide reliable and cost-effective answers to every spreading application.

Designed to perform in the US and Canada, where winter maintenance equipment is subjected to the harshest of environments, you can be sure SnowEx spreaders are built tough and the Super Maxx is no exception. Broadwood International 01420 478111

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