Snow one does it better

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BE PX snow clearance.It's generally acknowledged that unswept areas are unsafe areas that can cause slips and trips, leading to injuries and work absences or even damage claims. Even more so during the winter months.

BroomEx pedestrian power brooms are widely used for clearing leaves and debris to make areas safer but they are also the ideal solution for clearing snowfalls. There's no shoveling, scraping or slipping about in the snow while you walk behind a BroomEx on a clean, swept path, using the optional extras for snow clearance.

The rotating brush with snow bristles effortlessly sweeps the snow to either side. If there are heavier snow falls the snow blade attachment and snow chains, giving traction to the wheels, arm you with a powerful machine for clearing the area. Once the snow is cleared you have a clean surface ready for application of salt de-icer or liquid brine solution.

The steel blade is a tool-free attachment that simply drops onto the front of the BroomEx to clear snowfalls of up to 6"/150mm deep and the blade can be angled left or right. The optional snow accessories are available for the BroomEx PR100 and PX 70 models and of course these professional and semi professional power brooms are used throughout the rest of the year for generally sweeping up and keeping areas tidy and safer.

Designed for and in use with councils, contractors, groundcare, industry, golf courses, private estates and equestrian facilities they feature rugged steel chassis and panels, comfortable operation, simple height adjustment and a central brush drive for sweeping up to walls and obstacles. Just what you need for year-round sweeping and maintaining hazard-free areas. . Broadwood International 01420 478111

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