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CNV00008 RTWith winter staring us in the face, and with the weather forecasters already predicting the first snow falls later this month, many people are going into panic mode when they realise that they haven't yet finalised their purchases of salt spreading equipment for this coming season.

Knowing that the big freeze will not wait for them, there is now a mad rush to source the necessary equipment for the job on hand, which will actually work effectively on the typical wet rock salt which is traditionally used on the UK roads.

Broadwood International are pleased to publicise the new SnowEx SP1575 Utility Spreader which is proving hugely popular with the council, the contractor and other organisations who require an economically priced machine which will not only cope with free flowing material but also wet rock salt.

A Snowex SP-1575 is a compact 163 litre capacity spreader featuring a heavy duty poly hopper to eliminate corrosion, an auger to provide consistent feeding of the most awkward material, a vibrator to keep the material flowing in the hopper, and a convenient in-cab controller allowing infinite variation of spread width and application rate.

CNV00013 RTA variety of mount options are available depending on whether it is to be mounted onto a commercial vehicle i.e. pickup truck or van etc, a forklift in an industrial application, on a tractor, or even mounted on trailer unit behind an ATV or Utility vehicle. The Snowex SP1575 is one in a whole line up of professional salt spreaders from pedestrian machines through to the massive 3200 litre truck mounted units.

All vehicle mounted machines are powered from the 12volt power supply and packed with user friendly features, and there is a SnowEx spreader for every application from the private estate owner, the school, the hospital through to the local authority, the contractor - indeed anyone who is requiring a reliable professional machine to give a trouble free service life during those cold winter months ahead.

For more information on the SnowEx products please contact Broadwood International on 01420 478111.

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