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Book Review Soil Science (Methods & Applications)

By Laurence Gale MSc

Soil Science

Soil Science (Methods and Applications) By D L Rowell was published in 1994 by prentice Hall. The book provides a practical introduction to the various basic methods of assessing the properties of soil. Providing useful guidance on how each method might be used in practical situations. This book is ideally suited for all turfgrass managers but was originally aimed for undergraduates of agricultural, biological and environmental sciences.

The Author:

D L Rowell Is from the department of soil science, University of Reading UK. Mr Rowell was able to put together over 360 pages of information provided by many leading soil scientists from all around the UK.

Book contents:

1. Soils in the field.
2. Mineral particles - the soil framework.
3. Organic materials - alive and dead.
4. The arrangement of particles and pores - soil structure.
5. Water in soils.
6. Air in soils - supply and demand.
7. Particle surfaces and soil solutions
8. Soil acidity and alkalinity
9. The availability of plant nutrients - potassium, calcium and magnesium.
10. Phosphorous and sulphur.
11. The availability of water in soils.
13. Soil fertility.
14. Salinity and sodicity.
15. Pesticides and metals.

The primary aim of the book is to provide information on how to understand soil science and what methods can be used to measure soil properties in the field.

Book Review:

Soil Science is a valuable resource for all turf grass managers enabling the manager to choose a range of tests to suit his or her requirements, detailing the methods of each and every test combined with supportive information about soils and there management.

The book is well laid out, combining the use of graphs, photographs and illustrations that provide relevant information for the reader to understand the principles and objectives of the tests demonstrated. The book certainlyprovides a wealth of knowledge on soil, plant and water relationships.

Other information:

The Book can be obtained from Pearson Education or Landsmans books (see links

0582087848 (Paperback) Mar 1994, 360 pages £36.99

Pearson Books

Landsmans Books

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