SowGreen® Solves Slope Problems at Birmingham Primary School

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AfterHolywell Primary school of Rubery, Birmingham had lived with a problem area in front of the entrance to their school since it was first built over ten years ago. The heavily sloping bank and heavily worn areas would frequently send mud and silt onto the adjoining playground and the children would traffic dirt into the school, with the areas having to be coned off during the winter months.

Anne Farmer, the bursar at the school, thought their only option was to terrace the area, at major cost. However, Ms Farmer was over the moon when she discovered Sowgreen® artificial grass.

She questioned if it could be used on banks and after being re-assured by Sowgreen's technical team she was happy to give it a try.

The first trial area was installed back in 2007. The school has been so impressed by the results of the artificial grass that they have recently ordered their 3rd area of Sowgreen®.

Before"Muddy areas were causing problems for us", commented Ms Farmer. "It was also stopping the children from enjoying the outdoor facilities to the full, so we called in the SowGreen® team to help us out. We've been delighted with the results and our only regret is that we didn't hear about Sowgreen sooner".

To discover more about how SowGreen® artificial grass can enhance your outdoor play areas, call the SowGreen® team at their National Office on 0845 621 7000 to arrange a FREE, no-obligation site survey and quotation. A sliding scale of costs is applied for larger areas, and your quote will be valid for 12 months, to help with long-term budgeting. So don't delay - let the experts help you 'Go Green with SowGreen®.

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