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Tony Hawkinsin Industry News

Time, as they say, is always money and log splitting is not just a boring task but also one that takes up a considerable amount of time.

Contractors, estates, farmers, landscapers and small holders will all benefit from the Wessex Country LS-100 logsplitter. It saves an enormous amount of time and money and is just the job if your log splitting needs are periodic.

That's not to say it's not up to the job of dealing with large quantities of logs.

Strong, simple, quick and easy to fit to any tractor with a category 1 three-point linkage, the LS-100 powers effortlessly through splitting logs with up to 10 tons of hydraulic force.

This British-built logsplitter actually turns a boring, back-breaking and time-consuming chore into an enjoyable task and will handle logs up to 18"/450mm in height.

A floor-level bed makes loading logs onto the splitter safe and easy, while the two-handed operation satisfies the health and safety requirements.

You can profit from investing in the Wessex Country LS-100 logsplitter, either through the time saving alone or in a commercial situation where there is a need to clear trees and log splitting is part of the requirement.

For more information visit: www.broadwoodintl.co.uk

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