Sportstar: a skilled all rounder.

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Sportstar: a skilled all rounder.

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For many years Europe's leading pioneers of grassland harrows and underseeders, Einbock have developed a compact new machine especially for amenity applications: 'Sportstar'.

'Sportstar' is at home on all sports grounds: golf courses, football pitches and recreation areas, fulfilling a variety of grass maintenance tasks. The 6.5mm diameter sprung tines are mounted on independently moving frames to closely follow ground contours. The result is effective incorporation of sand and worm casts, removal of weeds, moss and trash (aerating and scarifying the turf), and, when fitted with the optional 'Pneumaticbox', convenient reseeding of worn areas such as goal mouths.

'Spotstar' is designed for operator convenience. Coupling and removal is quick and easy and tine setting is adjusted centrally. The close spacing of the tines (25mm) ensures efficient operation without grass damage. Optional equipment includes grass seeder kit, front sprung levelling bar for molehill clearance and consolidation rolls.

Einbock's 'Sportstar' is available in a range of widths from 1.5 to 6m. For further details please contact Terrington Machinery on 01553 828083 or visit

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