SPPS Shrouded Booms keep sprays on target

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Shrouded BoomTechneat Engineering has introduced a new shrouded boom for the company's renowned SPPS range of self-propelled pedestrian sprayers. The innovative boom design, available in widths of up to three-metres, enables operators to safely and accurately target spray application, without fear of spray drift.

The prototype machine, supplied to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, has proven extremely reliable and successful, leading to the introduction of a sleeved boom option on both the SPPS-80 and SPPS-125 machines, reports sprayer designer, Tom Neat.

"Shrouded booms are a major step forward for accurate and timely application, and ensuring sprays hit the required target," he advises. "They can facilitate application when wind conditions could prevent application with conventional booms, where operators can not afford the risk of spray drift, especially when using herbicides and insecticides.

"For sprayers operating in any public access areas, eliminating drift demonstrates good stewardship and can avoid any complaints," adds Mr Neat.

The Techneat SPPS Shrouded Booms have been specifically designed not to interfere with the edges of the spray pattern and ensure accurate target coverage beneath the canopy. The nozzle technology has been carefully selected to minimise the risk of blockages, which may go undetected with less sophisticated shrouded booms.

"Extensive testing with the SPPS Shrouded Booms has demonstrated application is incredibly consistent and can be more accurate than conventional booms," according to Mr Neat. He reports golf courses, stadium pitch managers and amenity turf managers are increasingly seeking the benefits of shrouded booms. Acuspray

Techneat Engineering will be exhibiting the new Acuspray at BTME 2007 in Harrogate. The new low-cost version of the Acuspray incorporates many features of the popular Acuspray Pro, but without the trigger on-off spray mechanism; operators lower the front wheels to operate the direct positive displacement pump and start spraying.

"The Acuspray Pro has won plaudits from many professional turf managers for more accurate application of pesticides, liquid feeds and fertilisers," reports Tom Neat. "The Acuspray will enable more lawn care professionals, gardeners and turf managers improve their spraying techniques, at even lower cost."

The Acuspray benefits from the company's renowned robust sprayer construction, utilising the latest modern plastics to combine easily manoeuvrable light weight, with incredible strength. The Acuspray costs just £395, and is available in the Pitchcare Shop.

The Acuspray is fitted with a 25-litre precision moulded tank and one-metre spray boom, capable of covering 625m2 per fill - approx two tennis courts or up to a half of a bowling green. The boom is protected by a strong colour-coordinated aerofoil moulding.

Visit Techneat Engineering at BTME, Harrogate. Techneat Engineering is exhibiting on Stand A1 at BTME, Harrogate on 22 - 24 January 2007.
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