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Tycrop.jpg"Time for a change" says Tim Merrell, Managing Director of The Grass Group. "We are now representing a number of mainline companies and I wanted our customers and suppliers to be able to see we are promoting individual brands but through a group they will know and trust. Nothing has changed in terms of the people etc"

"We are also delighted to be working with TYCROP, who decided they needed a change within the UK market and were very impressed with the new structure and how we are growing and able to represent them in the UK" says Paul Trowman, General Manager of The Grass Group. "We have an excellent product range to offer our dealers and we look forward to a long successful relationship with all concerned".

The Grass Group has been set up as a neutral platform through which we are representing TRILO, PROGRESSIVE, TYCROP, GREEN CLIPPER and PRO BLADES.

In terms of positioning the new strapline "professional from the ground up" we hope to encapsulate both the attitude and deliverables of the Group and TY-CROP LOGO NEW.jpgour people.

This new structure allows for the growth of The Grass Group as the company continues to diversify and expand its business operations.

Please feel free to call us on the same number 01638 720123 if you would like to know more about the Group and how we can help make your job easier!

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