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When you find something that works really well you'll tell other people about it.

That's very much how so many SnowEx utility spreaders have found their way into use with councils, contractors, farmers and private estates.

The SnowEx Mini-Pro SP-575 is a highly versatile utility spreader which can be used in a variety of applications, thanks to the wide range of mounting brackets available for commercial vehicles and 4x4's, utility vehicles, tractors, forklifts or a trailer mounted for use behind an ATV.

With its 163 litre capacity this is a spreader designed to provide a highly cost-effective winter risk management system, featuring the unique SnowEx 12v maximum torque sealed drive unit, so there are no belts, pulleys, sprockets or chains to break.

The latest SnowEx Mini-Pro comes with a new in-cab spread and speed controller which lets the operator stay warm and safe in the cab during the spreading operation.

There's a robust all-weather cover and all hoppers are made from non-corrosive heavy duty polythene. A top screen prevents larger chunks from entering the hopper and there is a variable spread width control.

A vertical auger feeds the salt directly onto the spinning disc and a vibrator is fitted as standard.

The SnowEx Mini-Pro SP-575 has raised the standards in utility spreaders and it's certainly got people talking.

For more information visit: www.broadwoodintl.co.uk

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