Spring Starters for Turf

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Scotts1.jpgTurf Professionals across the country are eagerly watching weather forecasts for rising temperatures which signal the onset of Spring. With longer daylight hours and warmer sunshine awakening turf from its winter dormancy, now's the time to provide the essential nutrients it needs to develop colour, vigour and density during this natural growth peak.

Scotts has a range of premium-quality fertilizers which are ideal for Spring application.

A liquid fertilizer can be a good option as the first application of the season for any turf. When soil temperatures are low, they provide nutrients direct to the plant, bypassing the roots altogether. Certain nutrients such as phosphorus are unavailable when soil temperatures are low, so foliar feeding is essential. Spring & Summer 12+4+6+ Trace element from the Greenmaster Liquids range supplies the complete NPK formula for main season feeding without excess growth.

Scotts Sierrablen Plus

SPlus_SprStart_24+05+13_03M.jpgScotts Sierrablen Plus controlled release fertilizer granules feature a dual Poly-S coated urea granule to regulate the release of nutrients. Smaller than other coated fertilizers, Sierrablen Plus offers better distribution when spreading and disperses fast into the sward, resulting in prolonged and even growth. Spring Starter 24+5+13 + 2MgO is an ideal fertilizer for the start of the season for tees, greens, fairways and sports pitches, stimulating root growth and ensuring a strong, healthy sward. It is active in lower temperatures and while its high nitrogen content ensures a fast initial effect, the granules continue to release nutrients for up to three months. As grass begins to grow, the nutrients removed in clippings need to be replaced. The steady delivery of nutrients from controlled-release fertilizers prevent a feast-famine cycle and encourage better rooting to help deal with the potential stresses of summer drought.

Greenmaster Pro-Lite range

For fine turf, Turf Tonic 8+0+0+2&Fe+MgO from the Greenmaster Pro-Lite range provides essential nitrogen to aid early season growth while improving wear resistance. It works well at low temperatures and the inclusion of iron sulphate helps harden the turf. If moss has been particularly problematic, Mosskiller 14+0+0+8.9%Fe provides rapid and effective control. The nitrogen encourages the sward to tiller freely and re-establish affected areas.

Sierraform GT

Sierraform GT delivers superior nutrition for tees and greens. Each tiny granule has an identical composition to ensure even growth and colour over the entire area. Because they are easy to spread, you get even coverage and quick dispersion. The grass can be mown very soon after application, resulting in less disruption to play. Select Spring Start 16+0+16+Fe+Mn for results in low temperatures or Momentum 22+5+11+MgO+Trace elements to match the nutrient input during periods of strong growth from April onwards. Both have 6-8 week longevity.

If the price of fertilizer determines the product you choose, consider using controlled release fertilizers. They don't just promote better turf quality through efficient nutrient application, but can also help reduce cost by reducing the number of applications required each season. One of the most cost effective fertilizers to apply is one that releases over 8-9 months. In terms of price per kg it can appear expensive, also in term of cost per application since it applied at up to 600kg/Ha, but as only one application is required per season, it can be the most economical along with additional savings on labour time and costs.

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