Spring timing for Overtake weed control

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With spray application opportunities proving to be at a premium between the rainstorms this spring, Greenkeepers can take advantage of the easy and quick to use formulation Overtake herbicide for effective broad-leaved weed treatment in turf.

Research has shown Overtake delivered highly effective results when applied in a water volume of 200 l/ha using the Syngenta XC nozzle, enabling operators to cover more area in any available spray window, compared to application at 600 to 1000l/ha typically used with some other broad-leaved herbicides.

Soil temperatures have also warmed up that would have encouraged weed seeds to germinate, at a timing when they are best controlled by herbicide application, advocated Sean Loakes, Syngenta Technical Manager. “Spring timing is best to target weed control strategies and get good results with Overtake.

"The temperature and soil moisture has been highly conducive to plant growth; which is optimum for Overtake uptake by weeds. The combination of its two herbicide actives together will be quickly translocated to the root for faster results," he advised.

The Syngenta Turf Advisor app has shown Growth Potential rates consistently in excess of 15% over the past two weeks for most of the country, significantly above the historic seasonal two-week average. The app shows a visual forecast of local conditions for the coming seven days, as well as the previous seven days that will indicate how plants are growing now.

“Although the Growth Potential figures in Turf Advisor are calibrated for cool season turfgrass species, it is a good indication that conditions are good for weed activity and herbicide application,” Sean advocated.

“Strong turf growth in spring will help the sward to knit in and give quick coverage of bare earth where weeds are removed, to maintain surface quality and shade out further weed colonisation.”     

Turf Advisor also gives a seven-day forecast of available spray windows, with conditions for any applications.    

For spraying on greens Sean recommends use of the purple 025 Syngenta XC Nozzles, which will consistently deliver 196 l/ha at the optimum 2 bar when travelling at 5 km/hr. For treatment on fairways the red 04 XC nozzles will apply the same 196 l/ha at 2 bar when spraying at 8 km/hr. The XC Nozzle has been designed to optimise application of spray on turf and minimise the risk of drift.    

Overtake is distributed in the UK and Ireland by ICL Ltd. www.icl-growingsolutions.uk