Standing water on your artificial sports pitch? Problem solved with a Rejeneration®

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PB040043As winter approaches, do you find your artificial sports pitch constantly flooding? Does water take a long time to drain away? And when the water eventually does drain away, are you then left with unsightly and potentially hazardous mud and silt deposits on your synthetic carpet?

If so, it is likely that your pitch needs a Rejeneration® - Technical Surfaces' patented deep-cleaning service designed for use on artificial turf sports facilities. The Rejeneration® removes and replaces the carpet's contaminated granular infill with fresh material, which helps to support and protect the synthetic fibres on your artificial pitch, as well as restoring both the draining properties and quality of play afforded to pitch users.

If maintained correctly throughout its life, an artificial pitch should be playable in most weathers, but it is a common mistake to assume that such surfaces are 'all-weather', particularly when confronted with wintry conditions such as frost and snow. A poorly-maintained pitch's fragility is more likely to be exposed by the climatic conditions of the autumn and winter period, but can reveal itself at any stage of the pitch's life.

As well as seasonal conditions, a number of factors including age, frequency of use and the type of maintenance in place can affect the performance levels of an artificial pitch, and when it can no longer support the effective drainage of water from the playing surface, only a Rejeneration® will resolve the problem.

Interim measures such as Technical Surfaces' Winter Revival™ can aesthetically improve your surface in the short-term by removing the top layer of contamination, but they will not solve the root cause of the problem. Indeed, surface issues such as silt and standing water are often symptomatic of deeper-seated problems with an artificial pitch, which will only worsen if ignored.

So, to avoid the expense and hassle of resurfacing, as well as the financial implications of having to close your pitch due to flooding, consider ordering a restorative Rejeneration® followed by an appropriate aftercare programme and, as well as solving your drainage problems, you could also secure an extra 5 years' use from your artificial pitch.

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