STIHL expands range of petrol mowers

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STIHL has expanded its range of high-performance mowers with the introduction of the RM 655 RS rear roller mower, ideal for professional landscapers.

The mower from STIHL includes a single speed, split, driven rear metal roller for a great quality striping effect, as well as making manoeuvring around borders easier. The rear roller features high quality bearings and stainless steel build for longevity.

The mono-comfort handlebar, with super soft grip, is adjustable to three different heights allowing users to find the most suitable setting and to access the grass catcher box more easily.

Designed with ease of use in mind, the powerful Briggs and Stratton engine is simple to start thanks to the auto-choke mechanism, meaning the recoil starter rope only needs to be pulled once.

Offering full flexibility, the desired cutting height can be precisely adjusted thanks to a single, sprung-loaded lever on the left-hand side of the housing, whilst the Blade Brake Clutch stops the blade when the mower is stationary, meaning users can empty the grass catcher box whilst leaving the engine running, or move the mower from area to area without the blade running, but utilising the single speed drive.

Meanwhile, the high-lift blades combined with the aerodynamic housing produce a strong air current that efficiently lifts the grass, cuts it efficiently and blows the grass cuttings into the grass catcher box

Thanks to the optimised design shape and air guide, the 70 litre box can be 100% filled, while the innovative two-part design ensures easy opening and emptying. Additionally, to reduce time between emptying, the catcher box features an integral level indicator to show when its full.

As well as being easy to use, STIHL has taken careful considerations when it comes to storage and maintenance, providing professionals with a durable and convenient solution. The body design for example allows for easy access and maintenance of working parts, such as drive cables, pulleys and the drive belt.

Designed with a foldable handlebar, the STIHL RM 655 RS lawn mower is easy for landscapers to transport and convenient to store. The new petrol mower utilises large wheels with high quality ball bearings for easy running, while the tread pattern provides better traction, as well as allowing for easy cleaning. Additionally, the bumper strips offer additional protection when mowing next to walls and edges, and can be easily exchanged or replaced if they become marked or damaged to maintain a professional appearance at all times.

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