Stihl’s most powerful cordless blower

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The new STIHL BGA 200 cordless blower cleans large areas quickly and efficiently.

With a blowing force of 21 Newton, STIHL's new BGA 200 cordless blower is the most powerful in the STIHL range and features a high air speed for coping with wet leaves.

The BGA 200 is exceptionally easy to handle, thanks to its newly developed comfort carrying system. This innovative feature allows the tool to be used in different ways depending on the application; hand-held in confined working areas or suspended in the carrying system for larger-scale cleaning work. This approach is practical, efficient and increases operational comfort.

Thanks to its low-noise operation, the BGA 200 can also be operated without restriction in noise-sensitive areas and can be used without hearing protection. The blowing force has three different settings, which can easily be selected by the user via a selector switch. Furthermore, the user can easily adjust the length of the nozzle to meet different requirements and operating situations with the help of a quick adjustment system.

The BGA 200 will be available from June 2020. For more information on STIHL's new BGA 200 blower, please visit

The details at a glance:

· Powerful and low-noise

The STIHL BGA 200 has a blowing force of 21 Newton - 20% more than the STIHL BGA 100 cordless blower - making it the new top model from STIHL. With a maximum air speed of 84 m/s and an air throughput of 941 m3/h, it allows professional users to clear large areas with ease. With a sound power level of 93 dB(A), the cordless blower is quiet in operation and allows use in noise-sensitive environments such as parks and residential areas or near schools and hospitals.

· Intelligent operating concept

The blowing force has three different settings that can easily be selected by the operator as required using an ergonomically situated rocker switch. An additional boost function calls up the maximum power of the tool. In addition, the BGA 200 features an innovative nozzle that can be adjusted in length at the press of a button. This adapts the blower to different applications and user heights quickly and simply.

· Comfortable and energy-saving

The BGA 200 can be used in a flexible manner, either in a classic handheld position or suspended in the specially developed, standard comfort carrying system with a mounting positioned on the side of the body. The change is quick and effortless and, thanks to a second handle, effectively prevents fatigue, especially during long work assignments. Despite the strong airflow, the powerful BGA 200 does not rotate (such rotation would put a strain on the wrist), which contributes to the energy-saving and comfortable operation of the cordless blower. In addition, the user can work without hearing protection and better perceive ambient sounds.

· Modular battery system

A 36V lithium-ion battery from the STIHL PRO cordless system supplies the energy required to operate the BGA 200. Batteries can be carried either by a belt bag or a backpack system (STIHL AP series). Alternatively, the STIHL AR series backpack batteries with their high energy content are available for all-day use. The connection is made simply by a connecting cable via a socket on the blowing unit. Carrying the battery close to the body on the belt or the back reduces the weight of the tool to be carried and makes work noticeably more relaxed.