STIHL sets up in-house battery production line in Waiblingen

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The STIHL Group is setting up an in-house production line for battery products at its headquarters in Germany. In doing so, the company is underpinning its efforts to manufacture top-of-the-line technology, even for battery products.

Backpack batteries for professional applications will be produced at a highly automated high-tech manufacturing facility in Waiblingen-Hohenacker. As a result, the company is once again demonstrating its innovative strength in the field of environmentally friendly tools for forestry and agriculture, as well as for landscape maintenance and private garden owners.

"Entering into battery pack manufacturing is the logical continuation of the STIHL battery strategy," Dr. Bertram Kandziora, Chairman of the Executive Board of STIHL, says, explaining the move. "In just 10 years, we have expanded our range of battery products from a hedge trimmer to three product lines featuring a wide selection of different tools." STIHL launched its line of battery products for professional and high-end private use in 2009. In 2016, the company opened a competence center for battery and electronics development at its headquarters in Waiblingen by expanding its development center. Today, more than 300 employees work at the center of competence.

"We have been able to fill many vacant positions in recent months, especially in the fields of batteries, electronics, connected products and IT. This is essential to further growth in this promising segment," Dr. Kandziora says. Increasingly powerful batteries have made the products popular among more than just private users. The quieter, emissions-free products offer many advantages, especially for municipal customers.

The battery production line was built with in-house expertise within the space of just 18 months. The first trial run at the new building in Waiblingen commenced in September. The first batteries produced in-house are slated to hit the market in fall 2019. Most batteries will be destined for European dealers.

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