STIHL to showcase latest forestry products at APF exhibition

Hannah Clarkein Exhibition News

STIHL will be showcasing an array of new forestry products at this year's APF Exhibition, the UK's largest dedicated forestry and arboriculture event, offering professional users more options than ever before to tackle the toughest jobs.

Taking centre stage will be STIHL's new MSA 220 T and MSA 220 TC-O, the manufacturers most powerful and durable cordless top handled chainsaws to date, designed for tree care professionals to remove larger branches or perform crown maintenance with ease. When used with the recommended AP 300 S battery, both new chainsaws deliver 2.1 kW of electrical power, providing up to 29 minutes of working time and plenty of power for cutting larger sized branches when doing crown reductions or tree removal tasks.

Visitors to the stand will also be able to see up close the new MSA 300, the most powerful cordless chainsaw in STIHL's AP System. Recommended with a 16" Light 04 guide bar and .325" RS Pro chain for fast cutting, the chainsaw is suitable for felling, cross-cutting, snedding and processing, offering forestry professionals and arborists plenty of power for taking on larger felling and processing tasks.

Other new products launched this year that will be showcased include the Rapid HEXA cutting system for the MS 362 C-M through to the MS 661 C-M. It consists of a patented hexagonal file and a full chisel chain with a unique V shaped side plate, resulting in a chain that cuts up to 10% faster than standard RS chain, is easier to sharpen, and stays sharper for longer. In addition, STIHL's new ADVANCE ProCOM headset will also be on stand, which utilises Bluetooth mesh technology to link up to 16 headsets automatically, allowing users to listen and communicate effectively as a team, as well as a high attenuation value of 31 for extremely high noise protection.

STIHL's extensive professional battery range will also be on display, including the new AP 500 S, the most powerful AP battery in the STIHL range and the first to feature laminate technology helping to double the service life up to 2,400 charge cycles, as well as the new AL 301-4 multi-charger that can charge up to four AP and AP batteries at one time.

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