STM - New addition to the SCAG stand-on mower range

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The V-Ride is a stand-on mower designed for professional use; the compact machine size, ease of manoeuvring and clear view for the operator have lead to the V-Ride becoming increasingly popular for intricate mowing areas.

The Ride-On SCAG machines, because they are purpose-built for grass cutting, place the operator directly above the cutting deck, and one of the main features on the new V-Ride is that the revised configuration of the stand-on deck follows the same concept, placing the operator nearer the centre of the machine.

The new version of the original V-Ride was announced in 2017 and had revised features that exhibit SCAG's policy of continuous improvement and response to operator feedback, which combine to make them such a successful machinery manufacturer.

The latest machine in the range addresses the need for gate-access - the new 2020 V-Ride 32 version.

The V-Ride 32A-16FX:

• 32" Advantage Deck

• 16HP Kawasaki FX

• Electric start

• Drive wheels: 20 x 6.5 - 10

• Fuel capacity: 4 gallons

• New style 2020 V-Ride operator pad

• All other features as on the 36" V-Ride

The machines are available through the STM dealership network. To find your nearest dealer ring 01789 488450, email or look at our website

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