Stop slaughtering sports field bunnies, says wildlife enthusiast

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An animal lover is calling for an end to what he considers "the unnecessary slaughter" of rabbits on a local sports field.

Ray Ingram, who sits on Willingdon and Jevington Parish Council, owns a plot of land with neighbours Jevington Recreation Ground, and says he has reached the end of his tether regarding the regular culling of bunnies.

Mr Ingram, who used his acres to house rescued horses, is now urging the local authority, which owns the land, to stop killing the animals.

He told the Gazette, "On and off over the past 15 years I have had many altercations with people shooting, and ferreting the rabbits. I believe it is totally unnecessary to slaughter these animals for the sake of a game of cricket.

"Besides, if we can put up with them digging little holes in our field, I am sure that their groundsman can do as we do. "Simply fill them in."

Fuming Mr Ingram said his various attempts to have the issues discussed by the council have been always been rebuffed. "Last Monday evening I tried to get a debate going. What I asked for was that the ethical, and moral issues as well as the health and safety issues of killing these rabbits to play sport be placed before the full council.

"Four councilllors voted for this issue not to be put to full council, while two of us voted for it to be. I now have one option left, that is get as much publicity as I can, and for local people let the council know how they feel about this practise."

An online petition has already gathered 584 names and Mr Ingram is hopeful as many people as possible now back his campaign.

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