STRI launch golf survey for R&A Golf Course 2030

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STRI Group is delighted to announce the launch of a new golf course industry focused survey to support The R&A Golf Course 2030 (GC2030) industry initiative established in 2018.

STRI was awarded a number of GC2030 projects to help meet the projected challenges that the golf industry will face over the next ten years, including, golf green quality standard, grass selection, aggregate availability, Integrated Turf Management (ITM), and water management.

The new golf industry survey will focus on Integrated Turf Management of Poa/Bent Parkland Greens and the results will allow STRI to review current practices and use of Synthetic Plant Protection Products (SPPP), as well as water management issues such as drought or flooding.

Steve Isaac, Director of sustainability, The R&A, said: "This Golf Course 2030 project is designed to help you and your course overcome the challenges we face in coming years, such as, more frequent flooding and drought events, more disease and pest incidence and the consequences of regulation, particularly with regards to the availability of pesticides.

"Your input, through this brief questionnaire, will be vital if this project is to deliver the support and guidance you need to future-proof the condition and playability of your course."

Paul Woodham, General manager of agronomy, STRI, said: "This project is well underway and is designed to act as a learning resource and support tool for all in the industry. The questionnaire offers an opportunity to get involved as we build the research information which deals with all aspects of managing parkland greens.

"There will be continued challenges with further restrictions and limited resources over the next decade. The predicted challenges for the golf industry due to climate change and resource pressures are being realised, and we encourage all applicable courses to offer their support by completing this important R&A Golf Course 2030 survey to help to shape the future of the game."

STRI will produce an interactive best practice handbook, for the management of Poa/Bent golf greens in a parkland setting based on the survey results and wider research around this subject.

For further details, and to complete the Golf Course 2030 survey, visit
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