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One-day seminar for Course Officers, Chairmen of Greens and Superintendants

STRI IRELAND will be presenting a special one-day programme at Elm Park Golf Club on Tuesday 23rd November 2004.

What are the most important influences on turfgrass growth?

If you thought that nutrition was the most important factor in growing healthy turfgrass then think again!

Water & Light - The Essential Elements for Growing Healthy Turfgrass

All too often the essential elements of growing healthy turfgrasses are overlooked. This programme is specifically designed to give those attending a greater insight in to the agronomic influences of light and water on turfgrass growth as well as an understanding of watering systems, their design and maintenance. Guest speakers will include Adrian Motram, irrigation consultant and Paddy Holohan, Education Officer for the GCSAI. Adrian was directly involved in the upgrading, design and installation of the new irrigation system at St Andrews.

The fee of 75.00 Euros per delegate includes lunch and refreshments. Further information is available from your STRI IRELAND Advisers:

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