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ba4Transfer wheel line marking has been brought right up to date with the launch of the Briteliner Arrow, a completely re-designed and re-engineered transfer wheel line marking machine developed by Supaturf.

Transfer wheel line marking is the simplest form of the art and has long been associated with use in areas where budget is the primary consideration. However, because of their simplicity and ability to deliver white paint directly to the grass surface, these machines remain popular with leading sports venues, including many premiership football clubs.

However, traditional transfer wheel (or box) markers, did have numerous disadvantages. Usually manufactured from welded steel they were heavy, difficult to lift and handle, even more difficult to clean effectively and were subject to corrosion. The actual transfer wheel mechanism tended to be loose and, as a result, any bumps in the ground could lead to an uneven line.

The new Briteliner Arrow has been completely re-designed to overcome all these problems and to deliver bright white, perfectly straight lines that meet the demands of the modern era.

The most noticeable change is the new streamlined tank produced in super-tough moulded plastic and providing sufficient capacity to mark out three standard football pitches on a single fill. The frame on which it sits has also changed. It is manufactured from triple coated steel tubes that simply bolt together and offer no welded weak points that can corrode. The handle bar, which is height adjustable and can be folded down for storage and transport, comes complete with a detachable cow horn bar to provide greater control where required.

These new materials mean that the new Briteliner Arrow weighs considerably less than earlier all-steel versions, making single-man lifting and operation safe, providing potential manpower cost savings.

Tba3he transfer wheel mechanism has also been re-designed to help improve performance and line definition. The central transfer wheel is now spring-loaded and is positively fixed to the machine to ensure the consistency of the line on any grass surface. The new mechanism can also be adjusted to achieve the desired line definition and, once set, will produce the same quality of line, time after time. The front marker wheel is protected from accidental damage by an inbuilt bumper bar.

Underscoring the line quality issue are hidden design features. The Arrow has a longer wheel base, better weight distribution and lower centre of gravity than its predecessors to ensure greater stability and accuracy, particularly where the requirement is for 'arrow straight' lines.

An eyelet hook is positioned on the machine to enable accurate and easy circle marking ( attach twine to the machine and a centre post for a perfect circle).

The Supaturf team has also developed the answer to one of the biggest problems associated with old box markers - cleaning after use. The Arrow features a unique, tip tank feature. Once a task has been completed, the tank can be easily released and tipped back. Unused line marking liquid drains through an escape hole and can be retained for future use. The tank, which can be easily unclipped from the fame, can then be safely rinsed out with water.

A final innovation is the spot brush that is included with the machine. It sits in a drip filter over the tank and is ideal for marking centre and penalty spots and for finishing lines close to goal posts.

The new Briteliner Arrow, which is subject to a patent application, represents a sea-change in transfer wheel marking in terms of quality, consistency, ease of use and longevity. It will, however, cost less than earlier, outmoded box markers.

"While the new Biteliner Arrow offers so much more than the old style box markers , we have been able to making savings on the materials used in its production and we are happy to pass these savings on to our customers," said Mike King, Supaturf's National sales Manager.

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