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SweepEx SnowIt's hard to believe a product so simple can be so effective. SweepEx push brooms find their way into literally hundreds of different applications, from builders' merchants and construction sites, to warehouses, landscape maintenance and farms. At this time of year you will also find the unique modular brush system hard at work clearing snow. Easily fitted to a fork lift, telehandler, loader, skidsteer or tractor it will quickly clear large areas of snow for a safer workplace. As there are no moving parts, belts, chains or motor there's no downtime or flying debris

The innovative MegaMax 'C-broom' is not just a push broom but a bulk volume mover. It combines all the benefits of the best-selling SweepEx concept of a heavy-duty push broom with new, patented side retainers, making it ideal for clearing snow. These hold bulk volumes of material in front of the brush and so avoid spillage at the sides. The end brushes are carefully twisted so they pull snow away from a curb or wall, pushing it into the main path of the broom. This means you get a clean sweep right into awkward corners. Quickly and easily fitted to an industrial forklift, telehandler, skid steer or tractor, the MegaMax is available in 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.4m widths. The brushes are made of hard wearing polypropylene bristles for durability and working in the toughest environments.

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