Switch to Suståne delivers strong and sustainable greens at Wildernesse Golf Club

Louise Challissin Golf

A greens programme from Suståne® has been praised for delivering sustainable, steady and healthy growth at Wildernesse Golf Club. After making the switch six years ago, Course Manager Mark Todd cites that the combination of bi-monthly granular feeds and regular liquid applications has actively encouraged the natural soil biology, helping to reduce disease occurrence and in turn costly fungicide applications.

Wildernesse is widely recognised as one of the finest courses in Kent, with tree-lined fairways and fast-paced push-up greens regularly playing host to a number of England Golf and Kent County events. On the maintenance, Mark is supported by a team of ten. "For us, sustainability begins with working with what we have, looking at ways of encouraging both the biology and the species we want for our greens" explains Mark. "We chose the organic route to be more in-keeping with the older-style construction and straight away spoke to Suståne® after hearing great feedback from other clubs."

"Russell Riley from Suståne® came in and, following some soil analysis, created a programme which we first trialled on our chipping greens. After just six months we could see the good results it was achieving which was when we decided to roll the programme out across all of our 20 greens."

The programme consists of Suståne's 4-6-4 slow-release fertiliser, 5-2-4+Fe and Suståne® Turf Revival® 6-2-4 which is applied regularly, in addition to being Mark's 'go-to' for post renovation recovery. Turf Revival® 6-2-4 combines sources of water-soluble nitrogen with Suståne's unique organic compost base which supplies a range of nutrients to enhance recovery and replenish soil - including a rich supply of humus and mycorrhizal fungi which contribute to efficient nutrient uptake and overall plant health.

"We have definitely noticed an improvement in plant health, less disease activity and steady growth - not peaks and troughs which tend to be evident with other products. We have also seen an increase in our bent population which is obviously beneficial for a more sustainable management approach moving forwards."

Mark continues, "In addition to our regular feeds, we've also had great success with Suståne®'s Bolster® liquid plant biostimulant." Bolster® is specially formulated to prepare plants for stress conditions by increasing root mass and growth, and accelerating chlorophyll production, improving its tolerance to heat, cold & frost and minimising pressure from parasitic nematodes.