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Symbio is arranging 2 seminars:-

Tuesday 18th March 11.45-14.30
Bramhall Park Golf Club, Bramhall Stockport Cheshire SK7 3LY

Wednesday 19th March 11.00-14.00
Sand More Golf Club - Alwoody Lane, Leeds, W. Yorks LS17 7DJ

Learn about the new laboratory services at the Laverstoke Park Laboratory.
Take advantage of the opportunity to learn about the newest successful techniques in sustainable grass and soil management from two of the industry's most experienced exponents.

The speakers are:

Joel Williams B. Ag. Science - agronomist.

Joel has lectured and consulted on golf courses in Australia, South Africa the USA and recently spoke on soil health on the BBC. Joel is Biological Agronomist at the Laverstoke Park Laboratories, the only SoilFoodWeb laboratories in the UK that provide a complete biological health check on sports turf soil as well as complex nutritional analysis

· The Laverstoke Park laboratory and the new services it can offer to help greenkeepers manage disease, promote fine grasses and solve problems
· What is necessary for healthy soil to support healthy grass
· How to analyse the biological health of your rootzone
· How soil biology affects soil chemistry with regard to nutrient uptake
· How soil biology affects grass species.
· The soil biology needed for fine grass, and why existing management practice supports Poa annua
· How healthy soil biology prevents disease

For more information see

Martin Ward - The founder of Symbio in 1990.

Symbio's healthy soil management programmes are used by nearly 500 golf courses in the UK plus many more in northern Europe. These include techniques for disease management, non - invasive thatch reduction, reduced fertiliser, water and chemical use and the development of fine grasses whilst reducing overall costs and greens management time.

· How to halve chemical inputs by improving soil health
· How to use thatch as a plant food and the basis for growing fescue and bent grasses
· How to convert from Poa annua to fescue and bent without stressing the grass the greenkeepers or the committee.
· How to prevent fairy rings and fungal dry patch without fungicide and wetting agents
· How to reduce the need for hollow coring and save thousands on lost green fees and top dressing

To help us plan the catering please advise Gillian Garbutt on 07966 786743 or if you will be attending.

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