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New Holland 7038 Premiership football sides Wigan Athletic, Portsmouth and Middlesbrough are among the many clubs that have benefited from the specialist turf-laying services of Talbot Sports Turf. The company has the expertise to replace worn areas of sports turf quickly during the playing season so that pitches can be restored with minimal disruption.

A huge array of equipment and materials are needed for this work, and so tractors are at the heart of Talbot's machinery fleet.

"We own a lot of tractors and we hire in others at really busy periods, so we are ideally placed to assess the pros and cons of the many different brands available," says Sean Goodwin, Director of Talbot Sports Turf.

"Overall, we find New Holland tractors are the best for their performance and user friendliness. They are comfortable, give good visibility and have straightforward controls. We also get excellent backup from our local dealer, Hallmark Tractors of Ashbourne, which is second to none.

"The quality of our machinery influences our operational efficiency, and we need equipment that matches our high standards."

The company has just added five more New Holland tractors to its fleet. Three are 27hp TC27D-A models, two of which have been specified with the manufacturer's innovative SuperSteer™ front axle, giving an unrivalled 76° of turn angle.

"SuperSteer enables us to get work done easily in tight areas, such as five-a-side pitches, without damaging the turf," says Sean Goodwin. "Operators can achieve tight turns with no risk of scuffing the surface."

Completing Talbot Turf's Fab Five are a 45hp TC45D-A, also with SuperSteer, and an 80hp TL80A tractor. Like others in New Holland range, they are designed for a high power-to-weight ratio, superior performance and modern aesthetic styling.

"The New Holland tractors are integral to our operation," says Sean. "They play a part in almost everything we do and are reliable members of our team. The compacts are used on a daily basis on our turf maintenance and refurbishment contracts with all sorts of attachments like harrows, rotavators and rotary mowers.

"The TL80A is a workhorse for heavy machinery, such as Verti-Drain deep aerators, ground breaking implements and gang mowers. It is also used for renovation projects like stadium turf rejuvenation with a Koro Field TopMaker. The compacts are also used during this operation to pull stone rakes over the newly exposed surface and transporting rolls of turf into the stadium for laying," he adds.

In conclusion, Sean maintains the tractors provide peace of mind. "We often have to work within tight time frames, trying to beat the weather. The New Holland tractors have proved extremely reliable, but if we do need anything, Hallmark provides the solution very quickly."

Talbot Sports Turf started life purely as a landscaping business, but has steadily expanded its operation to include the installation of turf at golf courses and football clubs. With New Holland tractors at the core of its fleet, the company can provide an efficient service to the highest standards.
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