Technical Surfaces Launches ECO//Drive Initiative

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Img02_LstsNws.jpgEvery company strives for efficiency and Technical Surfaces, the UK's leading synthetic surface specialists is no different; however the company does not do this at any price.

Over recent years, the company has been taking steps to become 'greener' and as part of this reduce their CO2 emissions. In an effort to coordinate this they have created their ECO//DRIVE initiative.

The initiative is aimed at a long term strategy to make Technical Surfaces carbon neutral. As with many companies, some of their first steps were to look at the emissions through their company vehicles. This led to the replacement of their technical managers' cars to much more fuel efficient and planet friendly models, whilst the company's van fleet is due to be changed early this year.

Technical Surfaces has also taken strides towards the 'paperless' office with the introduction of their OTIS (On Line Technical Information System). It seemed fitting then to offset their carbon emissions by planting more trees.

In partnership with the Woodland Trust the company has engaged in an agreement to lock up their carbon emissions through the creation of new woodland.

The Woodland Trust estimates that a typical hectare of woodland will lock up around 400 tons of atmospheric CO2, or 108 tons of carbon, during its lifetime. These new woods are guaranteed to be cared for in perpetuity for the benefit of wildlife and people.

If you are interested in planting more trees to save the planet why not visit You will find details not only of their corporate schemes but also the ways in which individuals can make a huge difference by simply planting a single tree or perhaps gifting someone their own piece of woodland.

This is just one of Technical Surfaces initiatives for the coming few years. To be kept updated and perhaps join some of their planned events, why not register to receive their e-letter by visiting

For further information, please call Technical Surfaces' National Office on 08702 400 700 or visit

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