Technical Surfaces’ partners Freedom Leisure to maintain synthetic pitches

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3G pitch   Ash Manor Sports CentreTechnical Surfaces has teamed up with Leisure Operator Freedom Leisure to provide specialist maintenance to 10 outdoor synthetic sports pitches over the next three years.

The pitches, located across Hampshire, Kent and Sussex, were previously being maintained on an individual basis by Technical Surfaces, in some cases for as long as 12 years. As Freedom Leisure expanded its operations and these facilities became incorporated within their remit, Technical Surfaces was asked to integrate the pitches' existing maintenance regimes into a single overall contract.

A consistency and continuity of works is essential to ensuring an effective maintenance programme throughout the life cycle of a synthetic pitch, and co-ordinating each pitch's individual regime into a cohesive annual package was identified as the most economical and practical solution for all parties involved in the ongoing maintenance of Freedom Leisure's synthetic facilities.

Although these pitches vary in their age, size and usage, their maintenance requirements demanded a regime proportionate to their projected hours of usage, as identified by Freedom Leisure. Some pitches are dual-use facilities, utilised in tandem by schools and leisure centres, while others are used primarily by sports clubs, for training and practice sessions. When developing a maintenance programme, Technical Surfaces always considers a pitch's specification, as well as its needs and usage levels, and adapts a schedule of works accordingly.

3G pitch   Aylesham Sports CentreAs part of the contract, the Freedom Leisure pitches will each receive a series of regular Sweeps, perimeter Vegetation Treatments and an annual inspection. Facilities are also issued with an agreed schedule of works, to ensure minimum disruption to bookings, and both Freedom Leisure and the facilities themselves can access a full history of works via OTIS, Technical Surfaces' unique Online Technical Information System. An 'audit trail' such as this can prove invaluable to companies like Freedom Leisure, who can rest assured that Technical Surfaces is their first point of call for any issues or concerns on their synthetic pitches.

"In light of our rapid expansion over the last ten years and the varying needs of all of our facilities we felt that the business justified having a more collaborative relationship with a contractor in this field", explains Sharon Morfitt, Procurement Manager for Freedom Leisure. "Having worked successfully with Technical Surfaces for several years, it made perfect sense to form a more strategic partnership to gain best value and demonstrate our commitment to them having supported our business. Technical Surfaces has always delivered a first class, professional service and has maintained a good working relationship with Freedom Leisure by focusing on our needs as a business."

Such an arrangement is also beneficial for Technical Surfaces, as Technical Manager Tom Nott explains: "With operational costs increasing for many of our customers, we understand the need to ensure that facility maintenance costs are delivered at 'best value' prices. We are therefore pleased to be working alongside Freedom Leisure to manage their synthetic pitches with the twin key objectives of reducing costs whilst providing quality facilities all year round. To enable Technical Surfaces to offer the most competitive and efficient maintenance services to Freedom Leisure, it is important for us to manage our scheduling and logistical activities effectively. To that end, an all-inclusive maintenance contract presented the ideal solution to all parties."

If you would like to discuss the maintenance of multiple synthetic sports pitches, call Technical Surfaces now on 08702 400 700 and ask to speak to a Technical Manager.

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