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Over many years, major house building companies have called on Terrain Aeration to decompact back gardens and community areas of new-build developments. During building, the unavoidable combination of diggers, dumper trucks, bulldozers, concrete mixer lorries and parked vehicles take their toll on the soil, flattening the air out of it. Eventually, the areas that become the gardens and shared grass areas, which may already have a sub-soil layer of rubble, old bricks and general landfill waste, becomes overly compacted. The result is waterlogging and panning requiring very deep aeration to cure the problem.

Left: Gary Quirke, and right: Mark Ambrose, with the Tracker Terralift deep aeration machine

Terrain Aeration has provided the solution to this for some of the UK's biggest builders including Barratt, Taylor-Wimpey and Persimmon. The Terrain business has grown in the sector to the extent they have formed their Housebuilder'' Division, headed by Elly Fletcher. Three new staff join her to form the specialist team that will concentrate on the house builders' needs. Terrain Aeration's Managing Director, David Green, has built different types of machine to enable access to the gardens through single gates and garages. He says:

"Our Terralift machine has proven itself over the last 30 years in aerating and decompacting soils. It is the ideal way of getting oxygen back into the soil structure, non-invasive and no mess. This does not replace the: "no need for drains issue" but it is cost effective and works. Putting in new drains will still leave you with compaction panning in-between the drains, so using Terrain Aeration in the first place is a step in the right direction. Once a garden has been aerated using Terrain Aeration's machinery, nature will be able to help with the rejuvenation of the soil structure - so this treatment would not be required again."

Under normal circumstances, Terrain Aeration works nationwide and their teams are available, subject to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, to carry out deep aeration relief for waterlogging and flooding for house builders, sports grounds, amenity areas, golf courses and public spaces.

Enquiries from house builders are welcomed with a new email address: aerationterrain292@gmail.com and by calling Terrain Aeration 01449 673783. Visit: terrainaeration.co.uk

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