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TGA lawn watering leaflet (2)
The Turfgrass Growers Association (TGA) has published a new consumer leaflet that promotes the responsible use of water in the garden.

It follows an intensive summer of activity, which has seen the TGA working alongside other industry bodies and water companies to combat the early summer drought while ensuring that the laying of turf continued through the growing season.

"Our 'brown lawns are cool' campaign, which aims to educate homeowners that there's no need to water established lawns, was seen by the water companies as being an important water conservation message," explains TGA Chief Executive, Tim Mudge. "They recognise that turf plays an important role in replenishing aquifers and preventing localised flooding, but we must continue to work together to encourage homeowners to lay turf and to maintain it responsibly."

The new leaflet, which is available now in printed and electronic formats, has been endorsed by Water UK and Waterwise. It gives advice on watering newly laid turf and on managing established lawns during the summer months.

"We invite our members, landscapers, gardeners, trade organisations and the media to help homeowners enjoy their lawns while preventing water wastage by distributing the leaflet so it's seen by as many consumers as possible at the end of this growing season and next spring," Tim Mudge added.

To obtain copies, please contact the TGA office on 01507 607722 or email

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