The 100% electric Corvus Terrain EX4 has arrived

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Now there is a 100% electric 4x4 utility vehicle that is truly built from the ground up for serious work. That is the promise from Corvus, Europe's first manufacturer of 4x4 UTVs and the Terrain EX4 lives up to expectations. This is an electric 4x4 capable of successfully tackling the toughest working days thanks to its off-road capabilities. The engine is a 13kW AC induction 48V motor capable of hauling a payload capacity of 620kg and the EX4 has a towing capacity of 755kg in low and 479 kg in high. The cargo box is steel with a 300kg load capacity and there is more space for you and your gear with a front storage boot and convenient under seat storage to keep the essentials handy.

The Terrain EX4 achieves 40km/h/25mph and can be driven on roads, making it ideal for a quiet, non-polluting everyday work vehicle. It offers high load capacity, lower maintenance and high vehicle durability with the precision power needed for smooth or rough terrain. There is a dual power selector for 'Range' and 'Power' which allows you to select electronically the right driving mode for the most demanding jobs. With less maintenance and no fuel costs, UTV electric vehicles are significantly more affordable and cost-effective than traditional petrol or diesel-powered vehicles. The 15kW lithium-ion battery on the EX4 is designed for quick and convenient charging.

From the start of its rapid acceleration, the EX4 is whisper-quiet and as an off-road vehicle offers an enjoyable driving experience throughout the working day. With a ground clearance of 309mm and the choice of 4x4 and 4x2 power, even the most difficult terrain becomes accessible. All Terrain EX4 models are approved to EU T1a standards and equipped with automotive safety windshield glass, three-point belts, indicators, headlamps and brake lights, horn, mirrors and windshield wipers.

There are three versions of the Terrain EX4 with a cab and other accessories available. Prices start at £25,499.00 for the EX4 Base EPS, £26,499.00 for the EX4 Pro EPS and £28,499.00 for the EX4 CAB EPS. Colour choice is white, orange or green. Boss Off-road Vehicles Ltd has a dedicated UK Commercial Sales Team and extensive dealer network to assist with the purchase of the vehicle. For more information about the Corvus Terrain range, you can call 01597 810188 E-mail: Web:

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