The Addington latest to install wastewater system

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The Addington latest to install wastewater system

'Ready to Go' bio series wastewater treatment system delivered direct to The Addington in vandal proof container

A Hydroscape hosted seminar covering requirements of The Groundwater Regulations made Bob Hill, Club Secretary at The Addington, aware that their existing vehicle and equipment wash down facilities probably contravened current legislation. The seminar had also identified The Club as being in an area deemed high priority by The Environment Agency and that, coupled with any infringement of the regulations, could also leave The Club open to considerable financial penalties if action wasn't taken. Discussions with The Club's Health & Safety consultant confirmed this to be so and plans were urgently put in place to upgrade the facilities.

At the seminar Bob Hill had been introduced to the Mi-T-M Bio series biological wastewater treatment system distributed in the UK by Ringwood based water treatment specialist, Hydroscape but felt obliged to investigate all options available on the market. An underground system was quickly ruled out as it would require emptying at regular intervals and, in his opinion, would be unsafe. His eventual findings led him to conclude that the environmental benefits of an above ground biological systems were the best solution and the final decision to go for the Hydroscape Mi-T-M Bio Series system was made for three basic reasons. One being the Mi-T-M freeze dried bacteria, where every batch is finger printed to produce consistent uniformity, secondly, the Bio Series system could be supplied with an ozone dosing facility that would reduce the likelihood of course personnel being exposed to potential infection and thirdly that the system was manufactured from stainless steel to ensure resistance to any form of corrosion.

Vandalism for any golf club is always a concern and none the less so for The Addington. Hydroscape were able to install the complete system within a re-conditioned and insulated shipping container which, when delivered to site, was literally working 'straight out of the box', minimising disruption to course operations.

Bob Hill feels that after six months of constant use the Bio Series system is working very well and doing everything asked of it. There were, apparently, a couple of minor teething problems at the start, as would be expected, but he expresses total satisfaction with the support received from Hydroscape, with engineers being on site within 24 hours when necessary.

The Addington is not the only course to have selected the Bio Series biologically based system for its wash down requirements. Other courses recently taking the Hydroscape Bio Series route include Royal Mid-Surrey, Sundridge Park, Archerfield Links, Royal Portrush and West Maling, together with The Heritage and Craddockstown golf courses in Ireland.

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