The Autoguide Turf Trooper in flames that lick the competition.

Lance Bassettin Parks

Saltex 08 photoA.jpgThe burning ambition of many a groundsman and gardener is to own an Autoguide Turf Trooper triple mower.

This 60in (150cm) cut mower is about to set the market on fire with it's new flaming livery introduced at Saltex this year.

A quiet low revving 13hp Briggs & Stratton engine powers the mower driving three 7in (18cm) diameter six bladed cylinders and the hydrostatic drive
ensuring sizzling and precise operation.

Fired up the Trooper can cut over two acres an hour and with an electric clutch and all steel body work for durability, the Trooper is still the most compact triple mower in the world with blistering performance unmatched by the competition.

Glowing reports of the Turf Trooper's performance have lit our fire as regards introducing our latest model at Saltex and we're hoping for some red-hot

The cutting cylinders fold for storage and transport and ours is no scorched- earth policy for mower leaves a beautiful striped fine finish in the British tradition.

User comfort and safety is top of on the agenda with a high backed adjustable safety seat fitted plus interlock safety system. No wonder the operator
doesn't want to alight!

Automatic tensioned belts driving cylinders closely following ground contours plus the 12mm-70mm height-of-cut adjustment is a hot feature and can be
completed in seconds.

Searing down the straight or gently round the flowerbeds the mower offers high manoeuvrability, high cylinder speeds and low centre of gravity for bank

We just reckon our new Autoguide Turf Trooper is flaming brilliant.

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