The best mower we have ever had

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Frank Moore2.JPGIn 2004, Frank Moore, designer of the innovative Moore Mower, presented one of his machines to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission for use in the Airborne Cemetery at Arnhem where most of the 44 members of his old regiment who were killed in the 9 day battle lie buried among some 1700 other who took part in the operation.

Whilst attending the 65th anniversary commemoration of the battle in September, Frank revisited the Old Church at Osterbeek, were he spent most of the battle and where he considers his Guardian Angel must have been based. There he met up with an old Dutch friend who is a senior member of the committee who make the arrangements for the annual Commemoration. He told Frank that a few months previously they had had a meeting with representatives from the Cemetery who mentioned that the main mower they used had been designed by one of the veterans and was the best mower they had ever used.

On the Sunday morning, when huge crowds assemble for the Memorial Service, Frank managed to locate one of the gardeners and when asked whether they had experienced any problems, said that they only amazingly had to replace the battery.

After nearly six seasons of optimum use, Frank felt that at least a new bottom blade must be due. Further to Frank contacting Richard Robinson, Managing Director of Autoguide UK Ltd (now the manufacturer of the machine), Richard said "We are absolutely delighted to help and have donated a new bottom blade for the mower".

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