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IMG 5427 (3)The Grass Group can always be relied upon to have new products at Saltex - and 2012 is no exception. No less than two new machines from Trilo and a SMART new multi-purpose mower from ATT.

Vanmac BV, the manufacturer of the Trilo brand, announce the Trilo S3 a smaller vacuum sweeper to work at 1.5 metres wide to work at hard to get areas where ground pressure and dimensions matter. Along with a smaller working width came a reduction in weight to only 1.2kg, so that only a mid-range compact tractor of 28 HP is required. Reduction in width doesn't reduce the ability of the S3 to tackle collecting leaves, litter and grass clippings.

The balanced fan wheel gives a reliable and above all safe source of power. The impeller casing can be opened at the top and has an inspection trap in the lower section to allow easy cleaning. To cope with the amount of material collected in a 3M³ container, the machine also features a 1.6 metre high tip facility meaning it can unload into the back of a truck or skip, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Also making its debut is the Trilo C15, a fully mounted, PTO driven flail/scarifier collector with a working width of 1.5m. A multipurpose machine, this robust and compact unit will cut and collect grass from rough or fine areas, scarify and collect leaves, moss, horse droppings and other debris. Fitted with 3mm scarifying blades, the Trilo C15 will, in one pass, leave an aerated and well groomed finish - regenerating previously matted and stale ground.

The 18 wind paddles fitted to the IMG 7955heavy duty, finely balanced rotor ensure a thorough uptake of material into the 1.1M3 capacity hopper. The material is discharged by operating the cab-mounted single acting hydraulic lever which raises the rear of the hopper, allowing compact tidy heaps to be deposited at disposal sites. Specifically designed for tractors of 28HP and above, the Trilo C15 has a single acting hydraulic system to operate the hopper emptying mechanism.

ATT's refined INFiNiCut pedestrian mower is SMART in many ways. A visually striking machine, INFiNiCut is a mower first and the world's only complete, walk behind, turf refinement cassette system second. Energised by INFiNiPower, the unit can be powered by a battery unit for those areas close to buildings, and then switched over to the hybrid energy/generator for locations further away - all in the field without the need to return to the workshop.

The electronic control offers three different forward speeds for user selection independent of the reel speed. This speed selection is critical for the different SMART cassettes available - be it cutting, scarifying, grooming, vibration levelling or any other job that the nine cassettes can carry out.

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