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horragate 2 pics 2012 460The Great Turf Company's natural nutrient products for sports turf are to undergo independent research trials from the STRI, the world's leading authority for sports turf research. These trials mark a significant development in the progression of quality assurance for biological methods of turf management.

In recent years, growing awareness of the function of micro-organisms in soil for creating healthy playing surfaces has called for more research into products that activate and support these microbial populations. And, whilst numerous 'University studies' have shown support for the use of bio-stimulants and carbohydrate-based fertilisers for effective turf management, a lack of independent research into specific products has resulted in a degree of scepticism over the credibility of claims made by their manufacturers.

Many of The Great Turf Company's customers, which include Open Championship golf courses and Premiership football clubs, do not need to see the results of independent tests to prove the worth of the products; they have seen the results for themselves on the playing surfaces they manage. However, manufacturers realise that tight budgets and pressures to produce highest quality surfaces lead many turf managers to seek a higher degree of quality assurance.

The STRI trials, which commence in April this year and are to run for a period of 18 months, will assess the application of The Great Turf Company's products to football turf, golf turf and for turf establishment. Commenting on the research programme, The Great Turf Company's Managing Director, Ian Morrison, said: "The STRI provides independent and objective analysis which enables customers and suppliers to determine which products are effective. We have the greatest confidence in our products and now we are 'putting our money where our mouth is' to prove their merit to the turf care industry."

The commencement of the STRI trials follows The Great Turf Company's official launch of their relationship with Laverstoke Park Laboratories at BTME in Harrogate, where Senior Soil Microbiology Scientist, Dr. Gracie Barrett, provided visitors with independent advice on biological soil and turfgrass management.

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