The natural way to clean synthetic surfaces

Tony Hawkinsin Synthetics

PX 100 on bowls green 007Artificial turf and other synthetic surfaces need a good brush-up after the harshness of winter.

The rigours of heavy sporting use, windblown debris and the residues that clog the surface are quickly and effectively dealt with in a single sweep of the BroomEx professional series of hydraulic push brooms.

These are easy to use and yet powerful walk-behind rotary brooms with professional and semi-professional models to suit all purposes.

The BroomEx PH-100 and PH-120 are a good choice for contractors and professionals requiring a heavy duty workhorse. With Honda power they cover up to 4,900 and 5,800 square metres per hour respectively and the drive is hydraulic variable speed, including reverse. For professionals looking for a hydraulic model the PH-100 and PH-120 offer 100cm and 120cm working widths respectively.

The variable brush speed is operated from the working position and the handlebars are seven stage height adjustable with variable multi-function hand levers for maximum control. These are the fastest of the BroomEx pedestrian sweepers. There is a wide range of BroomEx accessories available, from collector boxes and a water spray kit to snow blades and chains, leaf pushers and heavy-duty bristles.

So they are willing workhorses all year round, clearing everything from leaves and litter to gravel and snow. The powerful rotary action and durable polypropylene bristles make light work of the toughest jobs, either collecting in an optional hopper, or swept to one side in no time and in one pass across the surface. Including the semi-professional series brushes come in 0.7m, 0.8m, 1m and 1.2m widths and all BroomEx models are finished in high quality three layer lacquered paintwork similar to the finish used in the automotive industry, for surface protection from corrosion.

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