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page 61 DCRCA bSCH (Supplies) Ltd have developed a new adaptation to their popular De-Compaction Rake (DCR), specifically to combat problems of algae build up at the base of 3G sports surfaces.

These surfaces can be prone to 'caking' together below the visible area, and if not regularly maintained with the application of suitable treatments, and combing through to loosen the material, can attract algae and begin to degrade.

A 70 litre tank dispenses algaecide via a dribble bar. A row of heavy duty scarifying tines follow immediately, de-compacting and opening the surface up to allow the liquid to penetrate and begin its essential work. A pair of levelling bars and a brush then follows to provide the necessary grooming and finish.

The unit can be towed or 3 point mounted. The standard model has a working width of 1.3 meters, with an overall width of 1.7 meters. SCH say they can supply various widths, and suggest a call to their offices to discuss available sizes or any other bespoke specification changes the customers may require.

The company are also keen to point out that the tank and dribble bar adaptation can be provided for customers who are already in possession of an SCH De-Compaction Rake.

For further information about this or any other SCH product, please call 01473 328272 or email

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