The new octagonal kiosk from Cleveland Sitesafe Limited.

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100 1699The kiosk is a steel shell lined inside and clad out allowing it to be prefabricated and delivered as pictured fully finished and ready for use.

The interior can include a small toilet and has sinks and cupboards. The outside can be clad in brick slips, stained softwood, natural cedar or other manufactured cladding materials.

There is a secure steel security entrance door and all windows have sliding steel security shutters that are hidden when in use.

The roof pictured has a thin layer of lead adhered to it giving a natural lead look without the danger of thieves been able to remove it.

The intended use for this product is as a park kiosk, golf starters hut, golf halfway house, ticket office or attendants cabin.

John Hodgson
Cleveland Sitesafe Ltd
Riverside Works
Dockside Road

Tel. 01642 244663
Fax. 01642 244664

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