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# 105Just launched from Broadwood International for the 2011 / 2012 season, the new battery box option is now available for the well-known SnowEx Salt Spreaders. The battery box which can be fitted to any of the trailed spreaders means that the towing vehicle does not need to be hard wired with the wiring harness and the controller increasing the machines versatility as it can simply be hitched to any vehicle.

The battery box mounted onto the drawbar of the trailer unit converts the trailed spreader into a self contained unit with its own power source. The battery is housed inside a weather-proof box, together with the controller which allows infinite variation of the auger and disc speed according to the particular application. The controller being pre-set, the operator can simply turn the machine on and off from in the driving position via the fly lead and switch.

This allows the SnowEx spreader to be hitched behind any towing vehicle at short notice and go spreading as the wiring harness no longer needs to be hard wired into the vehicle. The battery simply needs re-charging on a normal workshop battery charger ready for the next spreading session.

This means the SnowEx range of spreaders is now more extensive than before. A full line-up of SnowEx machines are available from the utility spreaders which can be towed behind an ATV, garden tractor or a fork lift etc right through to the large capacity trailed units used by the local authority and the contractor for highway use.

In between, there are many models for every application whether the requirement is for a tractor mounted machine, a truck mounted unit, a trailed spreader or even a utility mounted unit, it can be found in the SnowEx range. Thanks to the standard vibration unit and the auger feed system, SnowEx Spreaders will not only spread the free flowing material but even the worse rock salt which is the acid test for any spreader presents no problem to the SnowEx.

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