The original Groundsman Flexblade Aeration Soil Collectors now available to fit all types of Aerators & Turf Vechiles

Paul Hawkinsin Machinery & Mechanics

Fit a Groundsman Flexblade Collector Attachment to your aerator and save time and money when you core and collect in one pass.

Groundsman Industries have launched a new universal range of Flexblade Core Collectors available in swath widths from 60cm (24") up to 200cm (80") to fit all makes of Pedestrian and Tractor Mounting Aerators including Groundsman, Toro, John Deere, Weidenman and Charterhouse.

The new range use the original proven Flexblade collection system developed by Groundsman over a decade ago, this system was only made available for use on Groundsman tractor mounting aerators. The Flexblade gradually earned the reputation as an incredibly simple but effective method of collecting cores without straining your back or the bank! When fitted to an Aerator, it follows closely catching the majority of the cores before they touch the ground, the remainder are scooped cleanly from the surface by a series of Flexblades that follow surface undulations with precision like multiple shovels for the cleanest possible collection, powder dry or soaking wet.

The new range of universal Collector attachments use the original Flexblade collection system but they are sporting a sleek black curved and slotted collection canopy and slotted blades. The changes are however, much more than cosmetic. The new shape adds extra strength to the canopy while reducing the overall weight by more than half. The collection blade check chains have been replaced by robust folding check links for consistent accuracy and reliability.

Groundsman Flexblade Collectors are also available for Three Point Linkage mounting on Compact Tractors plus many types of Turf Vehicles for Follow-up Collection of Cores and Linear Aeration Soil.

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