The Press get updated on the Redexim range of Synthetic Maintenance Machinery

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Charterhouse Press
The FA's St George's Park recently played host to a Charterhouse Turf Machinery press briefing for its range of synthetic turf machinery.

Redexim's Synthetic Product Specialist, Curtis Allen, gave an update on the range of machinery originally launched in 2006. He explained how the range now spans 35 products covering the 3 main areas of synthetic maintenance; Brushing, Cleaning and Rejuvenation. The majority of new product developments, he said, had come from industry advancements and customer demands.

Charterhouse Curtis
One machine being demonstrated by Curtis was the RTC brush. This is a combination of a tractor unit and brush for convenience and ease. This unit allows the operator to quickly and effectively brush surfaces as part of a regular maintenance regime. The RTC brushes fold away to allow storage and access through gaps as narrow as 90cm.

Also shown were the Verti-Top cleaning unit and a sneak preview of the new Pedestrian Verti-Top which is currently in the UK for testing.