The season so far...

Keith Kentin Football

The season so Far…

By Keith Kent.


We have used Old Trafford seven times now this season, including training sessions for both ourselves and Lillie OSC prior to last weeks European match.

Lillie OSC of course were allowed to train on the pitch the night before the game.

I stood and watched one of the strangest sessions I have ever watched.

They were training for over ninety minutes but they kept on stopping for a break and a drink. They used the whole pitch and their keepers never moved in all that time from the one goalmouth.

Having said that for the time they were out there they never made a mess!

They were neat and tidy and kept the ball moving and I was surprised at how little damage they made.

On the match night it was there for all to see just what a good team they were. Hard working but never boring.

Playing on the Tuesday night meant an extra day to get ready for our premier league game against Ipswich Town, which was a real help.

Saturday dawned very cloudy and soon the rain was falling. I and my staff managed to get it cut one way with the two Allett Buffalos that we have, before the rain finally beat me.

Fortunately the game kicked off in brilliant sunshine and I was very pleased with how the pitch played. Only two real divots and a few scuffs and scrapes. My men and I walked the bays in warm autumn sunshine just putting the bits and bobs back.

I went home happy or at least I was until I watched the highlights, after the game they interviewed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer about his two goals. He said that his second goal in the last minute was a "bobble" off the pitch !!!

Perhaps I should claim an assist ?

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